DIY Candles

Hey! Don’t you think candles are really good for relaxation and de-stressing. It also adds up to the decor of the room. But these are equally expensive. So I will help you out in making aroma candles of your own with very minimal stuffs required.


Glass Jar

White candles

Wax Crayons

Candle wick


First melt the candles on a double boiler. Take the wax crayons of the colour that you want your candle to have and melt it along with the candles. Take the glass jar, dip the wick in wax and place it in the center of the bottom of the jar. Wrap the top of the wick around the pencil and secure it. Now pour the melted candle in the jar and let it rest. There you are, your candle is ready. Now you can decorate the jar from outside as you want to and enjoy.

Thank you!

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