Croton Care

Crotons are very bright variegated plants. Their leaves come in various colours like red, yellow with different kinds of patterns. They are an absolutely lovely plant for keeping indoors. So here I am to help you to know crotons better.

  • The botanical name of this plant is Codiaeum Variegatum.
  • There are many varieties of the same: Banana croton, Bush on fire croton, Gold Dust or Gold Sun croton etc.
  • Crotons can be a little poisonous for the humans as well as pets. If it is digested in huge quantities it can cause stomach inflammation, abdominal problems etc.
  • Crotons get their bright colours because of sunlight. It can be kept indoors where it gets sufficient light. Without light the leaves will fade and be just green.
  • Make sure not to keep them under direct sun outside. It can cause the leaves to burn.
  • If the leaves are drooping down then your plant needs to be watered.
  • Crotons should not be kept in extreme weathers. It should be moderate like around 80 degree Fahrenheit.
  • It thrives in places where it is humid. So make sure if it is a dry place, you can always spray water around it to make it misty and humid.
  • A croton should be watered when the top soil of the pot is dried up completely.
  • The soil should be selected carefully. It should have well drainage which can contain moisture or else the root will rot.
  • If you see white colored bugs all over your plant or in the crevices of the stems, then you need to do some checks really fast. These are Mealybugs. They will eat your plant and completely destroy it. So when you see something like that, make sure to take a piece of cloth and remove the bugs as much as you can with the cloth and then spray dish wash and water mixture everywhere on the plant. The bugs will die instantly when it gets in contact with the dish wash water. Make sure dish wash and water is in the ratio of 1:4. Leave it for 4 hours and then wash your plant. You plant will be fine then.

Hope this content helps especially to the first time plant parents.

Thank you!

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